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    QUESTION OF THE MONTH - Do you like to crochet?

    I love to do both knitting and crocheting and have been able to do both from being a child. I got into crochet by watching someone from across the room trying to teach my mum to crochet, I picked it up and my mum still to this day is unable to crochet. The person teaching my mum was right-handed but for some strange reason with being left-handed just did it left handed and have never had any problems
  2. knittingaholic

    Tired Tuesday

    Have not been on much as have been trying to keep myself busy the past couple of days so that I was not tempted to have a smoke. So far have gone 30 hours without a cigarette. I am not even bothered about having one either such a change to when I have tried to quit before. Has been beautiful sunshine on the east coast and have managed to get all my front and back gardens done today.
  3. knittingaholic

    School hat for Jake

    That looks super warm Fiona and will come in now the weather is getting colder :roll:
  4. knittingaholic

    Hat for Charlie to

    That is lovely Fiona :-)
  5. knittingaholic

    Sunny Sunday ..... So Far

    Sunny here today although a bit chilly. Having a chill out day today with some knitting going on Buzy hope your head feels better soon Fiona ouch 6 days of migraine hope you get rid of it soon Dreamy I was like that at first with XF but once I realised that Gary Barlow tells them straight but in a nicer way seemed to be able to get into it more Suzy bet you feel like throttling your DF for getting the same bookcase as what he emptied Hope you all have a nice day whatever you decide to do
  6. knittingaholic

    Cable pattern help.

    That is how I would do it Andi with the second cable being half as many rows that on row 7 of the first cable would start the second cable pattern instructions again. Buzy was no problem helping but did take some working out when I saw the pattern could see Andi's confusion.
  7. knittingaholic

    Cable pattern help.

    think you are working both cable patterns at the same time up the cowl so you would start the round with row 1 of cable pattern 1 for that part then the first row of cable pattern 2 and alternate these around the round so you get the desired effect and continue working this for the amount of times that the pattern says, it would of been easier is the person had wrote the pattern like this Round 1: P2, FC6, (P2, K2) 2 times, P2, BC6, P2, C5B and repeat until end of round Hope this helps you to try and fathom it out Andi
  8. knittingaholic

    started my Christmas makes

    I have made mine and already wrapped them up for this year but may do them some extra bits when I have orders out of the way. Enjoy making your xmas gifts
  9. knittingaholic

    Sunshiney Wednesday

    Well a bit overcast here, have got a busy day as my mum has decided that we are going out for the day so won't get much knitting done there. I am just hoping that I don't come down with a bad cold or chest infection (which lays me up completely in bed) as that means I have to be totally clear before I am able to have my flu jab for this year. Well better get on and see to the animals needs and HW before my mum arrives to take me out for the rest of the day.
  10. knittingaholic

    Miserable Monday

    Hi Everyone Have been shopping but was a case of having to as it was food shopping and my cats were getting low on their food. Wore my cardigan that I finished yesterday and got a few orders for me to knit them one so they can be for Christmas presents, yes I am obviously wool shopping as well tomorrow as soon as I phone up to get the size and colour that they would like. Tonight think it is time for me to finish off the Charlie top for my great nephew for next summer as just have the sleeve band on one side and then to sew up the sides and it will be finished (oh how I hate 4 ply) so will have a big big smile when that is done as it has been my little thing to do when I have been bored of what I was doing. Have got chance to look through this months LK and have spotted a few things in there that will take the place of this item and have already got an order from my mum for the bed socks but without the ruffle on from my mum so will more than likely start them tonight as have the wool in the colour she would like for hers. Well off to feed animals and myself and then have a chilling out night finishing off and possibly starting the socks.
  11. knittingaholic

    Christmas knitting... have you started??

    Last year I made everyone Poinsettia table decorations for Christmas and ended up still making them into June this year for people that saw family's and just had to have a set for themselves. As soon as they were finished then started on the presents for this year, which were completed within 2 months and that was doing Jumpers for my great nephews and hats for people. They always love the surprise of what they get but normally they know if it is something to wear as ask what colour are they most likely to wear or not to wear and go from there. All the presents are now wrapped up awaiting Christmas to arrive and have been wrapped since 3rd September. I wore my Jolie cardigan today and few people that I know saw me whilst doing my shopping and have now got orders from them for me to knit them one so they can give as a Christmas present to their family.
  12. knittingaholic

    Wigwam bag

    Here is another finished item as was just waiting until I had the time to do the lining sewing on the sewing machine but apart from actually attaching the lining to the inside it is finished. The lace pattern is in the design of wigwams but did make an alteration to the pattern by doing a 6 stitch I-cord for the handle instead of twisting 3 metre lengths of wool together to make the handle. The piece of paper is placed inside so that the lace pattern could be seen.
  13. knittingaholic

    Jolie Cardigan from Issue 46

    Hi here is my attempt at the Jolie cardigan and have made a slight alteration by doing a button hole rather than use press stud for the closure. Am rather pleased with myself as managed to knit and sew it all in around 10 days, this is the quickest cardigan that I have done for myself and some days was most frustrating as never got time to do any of it.
  14. knittingaholic

    Mittens help

    Hi Snaggles I am hoping that you mean mitten pattern for babies this is the one that I mainly use for family Stylecraft 8427 (who it is made by and the pattern number, it also includes bootees, bonnet and matinee coat), although it is on straight needles I have made them with DPN and just had to sew up at the finger tips. Hope this is what you were after
  15. knittingaholic

    Bonus competition! Win knitty goodies!

    Well I have two Items that I have done in the 6.5mm knitting needles that came with issue 46. Here are my two things. The first being a bag and the paper is placed inside so that the lace pattern shows. The second is the Jolie cardigan but the pattern does not seem to be showing well
  16. knittingaholic

    Super Sleuth Saturday

    Evening everyone well I have had a very productive day and am really happy with myself as apart from sewing up I have managed to knit a cardigan for myself in 10 days so tomorrow will be sewing up taking pictures and then posting on here. Was disappointed when I was unable to link it the magazine but have sent a message to Tina Barrett about it as want to give her credit where it is due. Well am off in the bath now that I have actually finished knitting it so that I feel all nice and fresh and may even start the sewing up tonight but do in all honesty prefer to do that sort of thing in natural light seeing it is in Navy . Will catch you all tomorrow :-)
  17. knittingaholic

    Manly Beanie

    That is lovely Su2ie. Surprising how you can get the whole family sorted out with hats etc with the free patterns on Ravelry is it not :-)
  18. knittingaholic

    Confused Friday

    Morning all to this confused Friday well as far as the weather is concerned as it does not know what to do here, One minute it is showers and the next sunshine. Am up early to do some HW before having to an appointment to try and pack in smoking which will use up about 2 hours of my valuable knitting time but at least if I succeed I will be healthier in the long run. My cardigan that I am knitting for me is coming along nicely as have got the back and both front pieces done, have started the first sleeve so hopefully by tonight I should be on the second sleeve or close to starting it. Well had better go to do my bits before I go out so will catch you all later.
  19. knittingaholic

    Wide Awake Wednesday

    Like Goose got on well with my knitting yesterday and there is some glimmer of hope that I should have my Cardigan done by the end of the challenge date, with pictures posted and taken along with the other item that I have made, all that is left to do there is line it and photo it. Won't get time until this evening to do much to either of them as am at my mum's most of the day and then have to give my animals attention when I get home or else they would be trying to help me with the knitting etc. Well have decided to stop smoking so will be going to an appointment Friday morning for help with packing in as have been smoking for 30 years and it is just getting too expensive to smoke and have been bored of doing it for years but on previous attempts family have thrown cigarettes at me after 3 days as have been unbearable to live with. Yesterday actually got round to wrapping up all the "C" presents that I have made ready for that time of year. At least they are all out of the way and have just got to be put into bags and then postage wrapped and addressed for those family members that live away so that they can be sent, with an apology note about the tree decorations not being forthcoming this year. Hope everyone has a good day and will hopefully catch you all tomorrow.
  20. knittingaholic

    Surprise Saturday..

    Well have quite a bit to do today but won't get much done as my mum is coming to see me although realised when I bought wool the other day was about a ball short so got my mum going to get me another one on her way to mine. Have the lining for a bag to cut and sew up and then sew into the bag for both the competitions that are running (although realise I have missed one). Foster dog that has come back has come with behavioural problems of continual barking, but am winning on that as he has not barked as much today as he has been doing when in the garden, the reason he came back was because he was supposed to be messing in the house but he has been back since Tuesday morning and have had no accidents off him even during the night. Buzy hope the appt goes well Michelle enjoy your visit with your sister Goose hope it does not take too long to sew up your FO's Fi isn't it just great when you get new wool as you want to start that project now Ok off to see to HW that needs doing before my mum gets here lol
  21. knittingaholic

    Bonus competition! Win knitty goodies!

    Ok am wondering if you used 6.5mm needles to do something for the one ball competition whether it can be entered into this also? Any feedback would be appreciated :-)
  22. knittingaholic

    Day Off Monday

    Hi Everyone Well over the weekend have managed to get some serious knitting done, and have just completed one item for the one ball competition and have a few more in the pipeline so will enter them all in one go. Will be taking photos later as have some more knitting to do and still have my Charlie to finish, it is sort of will do it next then see a pattern I like so start that as there is not much left to do now on that. Come to think of it that has been made with one ball well should say bought the wool on a cone and been using that for it so that could even count as part of the entry lol. So happy your daughter came second in the dressage competition she was in and you must still be in the clouds with pride. Well off to do some more knitting as it is shopping day tomorrow so will be out most of the day and have to go wool shopping and button shopping on Wednesday, so will say bye for now :red:
  23. Ok decided what I am going to do and just sorted out the pattern so will be starting that tomorrow and will hopefully get that finished before the deadline and maybe a few other bits ;-P
  24. knittingaholic

    help with grafting a seam

    you can do either a 3 needle cast off or you will find a tutorial on grafting on Youtube. In fact both have turorials on Youtube. Hope this helps
  25. knittingaholic

    Chrismas Decorations

    Arrrgggh have just realised that I promised some home knitted and crocheted decorations to family members for this year to go on their Christmas trees, ah well will start when I have all my other bits done. They are lovely by the way Victoria.