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  1. HelenThompson

    Selling unwanted Craft Items!

    Yes, I have a large amount of craft items I no longer need and would like to sell them. The items range from tools and equipment to embelishments. The trouble is I'm not sure of where to sell them, other than ebay. I don't really want to use that at the moment as I had trouble with my Paypal account, someone hacked into it and tried to use my details to order from an American based accessories website. I only found this out when bank phoned me and later Paypal told me that it was my account with them that had been hacked into. So I would like to know if anyone has any other ideas as to where I can sell them. I do remember reading in a magazine about a specislist craft auction site, where crafters csan sell allsorts of craft things, but I can't rembember it's name, all I know is that it was being run by a husband and wife team, n ot a lot of help I know. If anyone has any suggestions then please let me know. Many thanks. Helen.
  2. Hi All I am thinking of asking for a new gadget for Christmas,I can invest in but I don't know what. So I would like some ideas, please. I already own the Cuttlebug and am often buying new dies for it and love it, so I don't really need a second die cutting/ embossing machine. I also own the Crafters Companion Ultimate Pro and have got various boards to go with it. The criteria for the purchase is: that it is under £100 pounds (that includes any bundle deals for the gadget) and can be easily stored. It needs to be able to purchased form either Amazon or Hbbycraft for the people buying it are not crafters and don't have accounts on craft sites. Though I could buy it and they give me the money, but that's not the same as someone buying for you, this is how I got my cuttlebug. The only gadget I know that I am definitely not interested is the Melting Pot one, it's been on Craft over the last few months. I am open to arrange of suggestions covefing a range of prices, £0! to £80. I look forwar to your suggestions and many thanks in advance for all your suggestions. Helen
  3. HelenThompson

    My first make.........

    Lovely bag. Looks too good to be a first project! Are you sure you've not sewn before! Helen
  4. HelenThompson

    Peter rabbit :)

    Lovely Peter. Looks very professional. Looks all innocent like the one in the story, letshhope your one doesn't decide to steel veg from other peoples gardens!
  5. HelenThompson

    silly claire!!!

    I have an old X-Cut Impress (with a few dies) in the cupboard that I no longer want and would be happy to send up to you,been wanting to get rid of it. I upgraded to the Cutllebug, much better, more versatile, for my needs. The X-cut Impress will be ok for your groups to give people a feel for die-cutting. So perhaps its not so silly Claire rather then silly Claire. Helen
  6. HelenThompson

    The Name Game

  7. HelenThompson

    Die Cut letters and number sets.

    I am wanting to by a set of die cut letters and numbers (numbers can be a set on their own) in either wood, or card, about 2 - 3cms high to use as templates for my card making. I was wondering if anyone new of a good site to by them from. I've surfed the net and not found anywhere. Thanks Helen. Footnote: No wonder you've not heard of them I've been talking about the wrong thing. I've just looked on one of my favourite websites and found that they are chipboard letters I'm looking for not wood or card. So if you've any ideas where I can get some 1" chipboard letters then please let me know. The ones that I saw on the site I've jut looked at are a little narrow, but might do. I am still open for other ideas. Using a die-cutter set was mentioned. I do have a set of letter dies for my Cuttlebug. These are a little small for some of my needs and sets of letter dies for it are quite expensive, so I'm going for a cheaper option, funds are limited. I look forward to your suggestions now you know what I am talking about!! Think I should have researched a bit more before posting Sorry for confusion. Helen
  8. HelenThompson

    The Name Game

  9. HelenThompson

    The fictional character name game

  10. HelenThompson

    The wild animal game

    Sparrow Hawk
  11. HelenThompson

    The Food Game

    New potatoes
  12. HelenThompson


    Youth Orchestra
  13. HelenThompson

    Two words game

    Closed cup (type of mushroom)