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  1. sewcrafty68

    The Good Morning Thread

    Good Morning all I've not looked in ,for a few days been quite busy , getting sewing stuff finished off , ready to post to the baby charity site ,I support,before the blessed post price increase also our elderly PC ,has been playing up ,worst than usual ,running much better now # 1 son ,unplugged ,untangled and refitted the leads ,fingers crossed as its had to take second place ,of replacing to the garden fence, pics are of Lavender sachets for memory bags, girls tooth fairy pillow, Christening/Blessings gown hanger (made from new nickers ,plastic hanger)
  2. sewcrafty68

    The Good Morning Thread

    Good morning all A mixture of bright and dull here ! could go either way wow three very different appointments ,all in one day D hope both Daniel and Emily enjoy ,their school time to day Claire. I've missed bin day ##@, thought it was Thursday ,when I woke . have a good Friday all
  3. sewcrafty68

    Knitting in King's Lynn

    Hi just to let you know Sheila Husband, runs a knit "n" natter club in Kings Lynn each Tuesday 10-12 in the methodist hall ,opp the central library ,and once a month in the library its self we also meet once a month at Gaywood library ,next two dates here are 27th April ,25th May the libaray staff make us very welcome in deed ,laying on tea.coffee and biscuits
  4. sewcrafty68

    Barbie cloths

    HI I said i would make a barbie starter wardrobe ,for a friends grandchildren down loaded some free patterns ,as £ 5 was a pound to expensive ,for shop bought ones, got a Barbie knitting book ,from library so pleased I hadn't bought it :ohh: as converting instructions ,from American to English ,not easy . after a lot ,of ill fitting pieces ,I scraped nearly all ,or remodeled in to some thing else , like a top became a that hat ,and a skirt a top . here are a few
  5. sewcrafty68

    The Good Morning Thread

    Good moring all still quite a newbie ,regestered last year, posted once and that was it ! will try to do much better , Annie do Hope you find your car well ,and ,not to expensive , nessasary evilsa are the not Barbara pleased to meet another Lidel shopper , that also dos crafts , I also like the prices ,and some of the lines at both Farm foods and Aldi , Dazzle wondering how old your children are ? so upsetting when they are pooly ,what ever their age ,hope hair cut go's well, My youngest son(26) is in urgent need of a sheering . Dazzle wish I''d thought of a simerlar name lol Weather here in Norfolk is dreadful ,so cold and windy ,annd very havy sleet showers got to go out and post a parcel this morning ,in need of insiration of what next project to start ?
  6. sewcrafty68

    on the needels

    Thank-you so much ,for the swift reply and advise too Kind regards SC
  7. sewcrafty68

    on the needels

    Oops my message should have read " Any advice please on buying or knitting with round knitting looms ? they seem big in the USA , My local crafr shops ,doesn't stock them