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  1. susie dee


    Hi everyone I want to change the host of my website. Can anyone recommend a good inexpensive or free one?
  2. Thanks for your help. I tried the hairdryer approach with no luck but hadn't thought of acetone. Will give that a go and let you know later. I will just have to be more careful in future! x
  3. I have made a stupid mistake and put an end on a leather bracelet the wrong way round and of course it has stuck fast (as it is meant to). Has anyone else had this problem and then managed to find a way of removing the offending end? If it was a brand new piece I would simply start again but this is a repair for a friend. Any help would be gratefully received. Failing that, does anyone know a good supplier of black 8mm braided leather?
  4. susie dee

    Cord closures

    Thanks everyone for replies. I have started to use ordinary large hole silver beads for the design and will keep searching for something flatter. I have several other corded bracelets (not Links) where the same kind of closure is used but I think you must be right, they are commissioned by the companies themselves. Thanks again. Susie xxx
  5. susie dee

    Cord closures

    Hi everyone, been a while since I've been on so HAPPY NEW YEAR, albeit mid February now! Does anyone know what the closure is called on the friendship bracelets used by Links of London? It is a plain rounded disc shape and the cords thread through them and tighten. I need something very similar for a new design I'm working on and can't think what they might be called in order to search online. They call them "toggles but toggles to us are quite different. Look forward to catching up with any posts. Thanks in anticipation. Susie x
  6. susie dee

    Cord ends

    I have decided to give up on the search. I have come to the conclusion that they must be specially made for the big jewellery companies. Thank you all for trying. I'll just tie knots like I've always done. Susie xxx
  7. susie dee

    Cord ends

    I have tried resizing the photo but have been unable to. I have tried bead caps, tips, ends, cord ends, tips, caps etc. Half-drilled beads, one-hole beads. You name it, I've searched it. The manufacturers must be able to get hold of them so why can't we? I'll keep trying.
  8. susie dee

    Cord ends

    Can anyone help, this is a picture of a bracelet I got for my birthday. I have been trying to track down the type of ends they have used on the cords but can only find ones that have loops on the ends. Does anyone know what they are called so I can perform a proper search, or does someone know where I can actually buy them? I have so much cord and leather in my stash, these would be perfect for some new ideas I have.
  9. susie dee

    Large Craft Events

    Hello again everyone Great news, I've been accepted to attend a 3-day Christmas Craft Fair at a local stately home in November. Thing is, I've never attended anything so big before so I need help and advice about a couple of things. Firstly, I need good display stands. I need to do it relatively inexpensively because I only have a very small income from what I do now and from my day job. Secondly, can anyone recommend a way for me to take credit card payments? I don't have an iPhone or anything fancy but am willing to get something similar if it is an investment. Any advice would be most gratefully received .... Sue
  10. susie dee

    In the Brownies

    Hi everyone. Just to report that the Brownies do went very very well. Lots of Brownies and their mums (around 50 in all). I made up a bead soup of acrylic beads and with lots of elastic and cord and everyone went home with something special. Also showed some very basic macrame bracelets to the mums who were thrilled with their new technique and all vowed to go home with their strings and practice. No pictures unfortunately - we simply didn't have time in the end. Brown Owl (a friend of mine) has already spoken to a Guide leader for more demonstrations and now that I know roughly what to expect, I can plan ahead and make it even more of a success. Thanks to everyone who replied to my original post, I really couldn't have done it without your guidance and help. xxxx
  11. susie dee

    In the Brownies

    I will have my own daughter there helping me so I will put her in charge of photography and post the pics. Thanks again everyone xxx
  12. susie dee

    In the Brownies

    I have loved looking at your designs and videos, you are all so talented. I have decided on simple pony bead bracelets with "mum" and as suggested, the daughter's name. It is a very easy design and in the allocated hour slot, we should be able to make at least one each. There are going to be about 25 girls AND their mums so I think simplicity is the key but as pointed out by Carolyn, elastic, scissors and some nail varnish should cut down on the hassle of sharp pointy things. Thanks again for all your help and I will try to visit again very soon. Much love xxx
  13. susie dee

    In the Brownies

    I knew I could count on the forum members. Thank you all so much for taking the time to help me. I will take a look at all your items tomorrow evening - all brilliant ideas and you've given me back my mojo. Thanks again - lots of food for thought xxxxx
  14. susie dee

    In the Brownies

    Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I've been here - busy busy busy ... I wondered if I might pick your crafty brains a bit. I have been asked to do a demonstration and host a making session for a local Brownie pack for Mother's Day. It is for the Brownies and their mums to make something together which reflects their love for each other. I'm looking forward to it and I'm flattered to be asked but it is my first time doing anything like this and I have a few questions that will keep me awake at nights How much to charge? Health and safety (Brownies are aged 7-10) What kind of things to make? Anything else that anyone can think of? Please help - I'm a bit scared :-S
  15. susie dee

    Unknown Finding

    Thanks Carolyn. I was thinking I might need to buy the hoops if I couldn't find them separately. Worth a try though. Thanks all. Susie x