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    A New Oldie.

    Welcome back. Hope you are fine.
  2. viktor

    and yet another newbie

    Welcome to the forum. Nice to meet you.
  3. viktor


    Hope you all enjoy this great forum. Have a nice day!
  4. viktor

    A New Oldie.

    Welcome back to the community. We missed you. Hope you are fine.
  5. viktor

    camper van template

    You are in the right place to communicate. The forum is very friendly and we are glad to talk to you. Welcome.
  6. viktor

    Hi from me to you

    Welcome, dear! Glad to meet you here. Enjoy your stay here.
  7. viktor

    Hello everyone

    you are welcome, dear! We miss you.
  8. viktor

    The Good Morning Thread

    Good afternoon all members! this day was beautiful. My dear person created a really crafty work from flowers and that was so romantic and pleasant to get such present without any reason. Hope you are all fine today.
  9. viktor

    hello all I am a newbie

    Hello and welcome from me too. Hope you will be pleased with the forum.
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    Hello everyone

    Hope you will be back soon! Hope you are ok!
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    Welcome, dear friend! Enjoy your stay here and share your works with us.
  12. viktor

    The Good Morning Thread

    Good morning, friends, and have a happy and pleasant day! ;-)
  13. viktor

    just started making cards!

    welcome to the forum, giggels. There are so many instruments you require, but firstly you may start with the plain cards.
  14. viktor

    Hi :-)

    Hi and welcome here. Nice to meet you. Share your projects with us.
  15. viktor

    The Good Morning Thread

    MORNING EVERYONE! Have a nice day with lots of fun and jokes.
  16. viktor

    Help - which sewing maching should I go for

    Hello, Angie! Welcome from me! Do you mean advising you some particular trademarks?
  17. viktor


    Welcome to the forum. Hope you spend good time with us!
  18. viktor


    Hello, dear, and welcome from me too. I believe you will solve the troubles. Stay with us and enjoy the forum.
  19. Hi and welcome from me too. Hope you have found the answer.
  20. viktor

    good morning

    Morning everyone. The weather is fine today. Enjoy the sun and have a nice day.
  21. viktor

    Help please I'm worried now.........

    Our moderators will help you and there is any doubt as for this. They will tell you what to do.
  22. viktor

    good morning

    Welcome from me too. What crafts do you like?
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    Hello and enjoy your stay here. It is great to meet with you.
  24. viktor

    Crafts Beautiful June issue

    I am not assured in that, but hope I will help you soon/
  25. viktor

    The Good Morning Thread

    Good morning! have a nice day!