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  1. Thanks :-) that does clarify it. It is confusing though as earlier in the pattern at the cuff it says - "these rows set 2 x 2 rib". - implying these are set for the whole pattern as a 2 x 2 rib. And then at row 75 it says, work 10 rows in 2 x 2 rib. - implying as per the set cuff rows. got it now though, thanks :-)
  2. Hi , Please can you clarify, i think theres an error in the pattern - Cheryl Murphys cosy bed socks. issue 63 (feb) At row 75 it says, - work 10 rows in 2 x 2 rib. I think this is incorrect. As you have increased from 50 to 56 stitches it actually needs just row 1 of the 2 x 2 rib pattern repeated - with p2 , not knit 2 at the end..= and then just repeated this row for 10 rows. .and completely omit row 2 of the rib pattern... (hope this makes sense) am i correct or have i done something else wrong? (its actually my daughter whose knitting them, but i have read over the pattern with her and this seems correct) Thanks. M.
  3. am so confused, that didnt seem to work either, what about the 2 stitiches together? and its completely different to the instructions in the mag
  4. Hi, can someone please help. the instructions on the snowmans hat issue 44 for htr2tog - down the right hand side of the instructions it specifically says - yoh pull thur first stitch -yoh-pull thr 2nd stitch - yoh - leaves 4 loops on hook, yoh-pull thru all 4 loops. But I have 5 loops on hook, plus the one to pull thru makes 6....? what am i doing wrong? Have to say, am very disapointed with SO many errors in this pattern :-( thx, Mugz
  5. Mugless

    Tango scarf

    Found it ! issue 11 ! phew !... seriously though, you should check it out, - knit it on double knitting wool, 5 mm needles - beautiful winter scarf
  6. Mugless

    Tango scarf

    Hi ! Thank you very much for replying, I am new to the forums and I dont think I explained myself very well... Thats the problem, I dont know which issue the scarf was in and was hoping one of you could help me out so I am am then able to buy a back copy.(or treble check all my copies in case I have missed it) My freind has/had the magazine , photocopied it for her own use so she didnt spoil the magazine - and now her photo copy is spoilt (plus I would like a copy of my own)... There is no way of telling from her crumbled photocopy which issue of LK it was in. So, I duely went through all the Lets knit magz I have and cant find it - so, i have either missed it , or, I dont have the right copy of the magazine. So I was hoping one of your readers could tell me which issue it was in, so I can then get a backcopy. I dont have much detail, other than the scarf was called Tango.At the top there is a picture of LK Project designer Helen Ardley. There is text which says - Go bright and bold with a textured scarf (Tango implies it was orange..... ) The model in the picture is wearing the scarf and has pigtails ( the copy we have is in black and white so I cant tell what colour the scarf is in the original but the name "Tango " implies it was orange..... ) Hope this is enough information and it jogs someones memory, thank you very much again in advance, Mugz.
  7. Mugless

    Tango scarf

    hi, a freind recent knitted a beautiful scarf from a Let's knit magazine pattern - she cant recall which issue and now cant find her copy at all - and I have been through all of my copies and cant find it (I do have a few missing) - the pattern is called "Tango" by Helen Ardley and its sort of looped through. (the lady modeling it has pigtails in her hair) -we just cant find the magazine it was in and the copy she made to write on is now unreadable and damaged - anyone out there help? (I can always buy a back issue if Its not in one I have) tyvm
  8. Mugless

    tiramisu wool ?

    Thanks Goose :-) I wasnt sure if it was chunky. - i found a similar King cole wool that said it was chunky, but i think that was just the colour...and this wool looked a lot 'finer' than chunky. I'll try it out anyway :-) looked very nice wool , ty again :-) Mugz
  9. Mugless

    tiramisu wool ?

    Hi I am new to this forum and have recently taken up knitting after a huge break. My local store has some beautiful looking wool at a bargain price but I cant seem to find a suitable pattern to match. The wool is called - Tiramisu - thats the 'type' not the colour. It is from Italy and I think it is by Lana Grossa and the only other thing i know is - 100% polyamide 50 gr balls Any suggestions which type of patterns I could knit it like?. is it double knit? love the bright colours it is in and would love to knit a short jacket/shrug for myself for the summer. Thanking you in advance. Mugz