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  1. aussiegal13

    home at last

    Evening everyone. Flew home from Perth yesterday evening. James is looking surprisingly well and on the surface appears to be very upbeat. You wouldn't know he is terminally ill. Have been looking at all the cards that have been made while I was away. There are some very beautiful cards there. I shall have to get back into the swing of things again. So we shall have a new forum soon, sounds like it is a lot of work. I shall look forward to it. It is very cold and wet here today but we needed the rain very badly, forecast is for more over the next couple of days. Ideal weather to get back into crafting. Hope everyone is well and wish a speedy recovery for anyone who is not too well. Teresa
  2. aussiegal13

    away again

    Hi all. Hope everyone is well today. We are off to Perth tomorrow to spend some time with our brother in law. Haven't made any cards for ages, not felt much like it. Teresa
  3. aussiegal13

    another acetate card

    Beautiful card Bc Teresa
  4. aussiegal13

    What's your fav music to dance to?

    What about jazz. A long time ago I used to go to a uni jazz club every Saturday night Teresa
  5. aussiegal13

    Some of my recent makes

    Lovely cards Teresa
  6. aussiegal13

    Card From a card workshop

    Lovely card and such a clever idea Teresa
  7. aussiegal13

    Final Update on my Brother

    Nancy so sorry to hear about your brother. It is good that you were able to be with him at the end. Love and hugs to you and your family Teresa
  8. aussiegal13

    Birthday Cards for 2013

    Lovely cards. The little boy's card is so cute Teresa
  9. aussiegal13

    my grandson

    Congratulations to your grandson Mary Teresa
  10. aussiegal13

    heading back home

    Hi everyone. haven't been able to come on here for a while. Monday we head back to Oz. Tonight cousins are giving us a farewell party. Looking forward to that. We have really enjoyed our time here, catching up with relatives and friends, and visiting all the places we loved and some that are special to us. We fly home to more sadness though. Our brother-in-law who lives in Perth has been battling melanomas for three years and has had all known treatments and some new experimental ones has just been told that nothing has worked, his body is riddled with melanomas and he has about three months to live. So we will spend a couple of days at home and then fly over to Perth. I hope everything is well with everyone and to anyone who has been unwell I hope you are recovering. Teresa
  11. aussiegal13

    Last few weeks

    Oh Nancy. I am so sorry to hear about your baby, everything happens for a reason. I hope someday soon that little soul will come back to you. Glad to hear your brother is responding to treatment. I hpoe you are feeling better now. At the moment we are staying with an old friend from my working days in Manchester. We have been here since last Friday. Tomorrow we are heading for Norfolk where my mother in law's family originated. We are hoping to be able to stay in Downham Market where DH was born. We spent a few days there sixteen years ago when last in the UK. We will research Abraham Lincoln's forebears. He and DH came from the same family many generations ago. After Norfolk we will be heading for London. Have had a look at all your beautiful makes. I miss my cardmaking. Will try to chat again when we get to London Teresa
  12. aussiegal13

    thank you

    Morning everyone. Thank you for your kind thoughts and wishes. We are still in Blackpool where it is so cold.I am wearing two jumpers, it is freezing. Not used to this level of cold. My brother is feeling a bit better now, he was so distraught. He and his wife had just moved into a new house, they had downsized. My niece who lives in Manchester is coming over on Monday for a couple of days and we will go back with her. Although it is a sad time we are looking forward to spending time with friends and relatives there who we haven't seen since we were there in 1996 when we spent two months in the UK. That was in the summer. Nancy, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Teresa
  13. aussiegal13

    sad time

    Hello ladies. Managed to borrow my niece's computer. Sadly my sister-in-law did not survive her heart attack. she passed away Sunday. My brother is shattered. We are going to spend two weeks here with him, and also catch up with some cousins who live here too. It is sooo cold here. I had forgotten how cold British winters can be. Our original plan when we leave Blackpool was to hire a car and drive up to Scotland to visit a friend who lives somewhere in the wilds. A place called Castle Douglas. The weather changed our minds. Instead we will catch a train to Manchester where we have relatives and friends. After that we will fly to London and visit with more relatives and friends. We haven't yet decided how long we will stay. Depends on the weather. Nancy, so sorry to hear about your brother. You must be shattered. I am glad that you will be able to spend time with him. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family. Teresa
  14. aussiegal13


    Good morning everyone. beautiful day here. Sorry to say I won't be around for a while. My brother who lives in Blackpool phoned last night to say his wife has had a heart attack, so we are flying out to the UK tomorrow. We had been planning a trip over there next year but in summer. So we shall do everything we were planning for next year now. We have a lot of relatives and friends over there who we would like to visit and are planning on being away for a couple of months. We had no trouble getting seats on the plane and it being winter over there should have no problems with accomodation. If I have the chance to get to a computer I shall pop in to see what is happening on the forum. Teresa
  15. aussiegal13

    New to stamping etc

    Welcome to the forum Dormouse. Can't offer any tips on stamping. I don't tend to use it as I am really not good at colouring in. Teresa