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    Elizajane reacted to Su2ie in Feet Up Friday   
    CN and Eliza you are both suffering! Eliza hope you don't wait too long for your home visit - wish you both a speedy recovery:) I can certainly vouch for falling down being horrible...
    June is it long until your turkey and tinsel?
    Bored here. Can't settle to crafting or writing/editing as my concentration is shot and Alex keeps diving over me and hitting my sore knees on purpose. What makes 3 year olds so cruel when they know your sore?
    Maybe another cuppa is in order?
    Speak later x
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    Elizajane got a reaction from sarahs40 in I'm very new!   
    Start with easy projects, go slow and good luck, I've been sewing for well over 50 years, from dresses for girls nights out in my teens, to wedding dresses, children's clothes and now its toys for grandchildren, bags to sell for charity. A good skill to have.
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    Elizajane got a reaction from AbstractAstra in Sewing machine advice please   
    Your best bet is find a shop that sells machines and try one .I've had 3 Brother machines over a period of 48 yrs each one is still going. . Passed on to family when I went for newer model. .first two were front bobins new one is a top loading which I Went for as I have arthritis and was finding the front loading fiddly...not had any tangling issues with the top loader....for freeform work you need to be able to lower the feed dogs this is a switch on base of machine. ..special feet are usually purchased separate although you can work without .remove the foot but remember to still lower the foot lever as this engages the sewing mechanism. ... you can find video on-line telling how to machine embroidery or quilt.
    Good luck and enjoy
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    Elizajane got a reaction from Su2ie in Monster Hand Puppet   
    Ohhhh...I love him..we have a rhino hand puppet that lives on a empty bottle. ...
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    Elizajane got a reaction from Su2ie in Stormy Monday   
    Only just been able to get on here...just kept failing to connect.
    Oh the naughty kitty..has it been watching lady and the tramp I'm sure one if the Siamese in that did the same.
    I went to docs this morning to collect prescription. .asked about flu jabs. .is your husband here..right both sit down 5 mins later out we came all jabbed. .saves a trip..reason they were quiet lots of cancellations due to weather...dry now but so cold we put heating on when we got back home.
    Forget to tell you..my lovely witchy.pumpkin and scarecrow teds...my grandchildren weren't impressed. ..naughty of me but I was pleased as I can keep them..every other toy we have here came out.
    Hope all the aches go away...has made me wonder if the age old it's going to rain as my aches have started?
    Eating left overs today...stewed steak now a steak pie...some cauliflower left is now cauliflower cheese.
    Hope you all get plenty of crafty time. That's what I'm going to do.
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    Elizajane reacted to crafty nannie in scarecrow Saturday   
    .I thought it might be that one I have it on my kindle Linda
    Will do one of Susan Anderson's next I think. Probably for my grandson
    Can't wait to see your dog house
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    Elizajane got a reaction from mrsplop in some of my recent needle felted animals   
    They are brilliant....so clever. .how long does each take...I do bits mainly 2D pictures and even they are time consuming. .I am so impressed.
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    Elizajane got a reaction from anniebabes in Jean Greenhowe's Santa   
    Love him .. Jean G's patterns never date ashamed to say I have never knit one they are on my to do list ....no Goose..Santa can't have his birthday on 25 Dec..no-one should have to work sooo hard on their birthday.
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    Elizajane got a reaction from AngelGoneMad in Neat Ripple Blanket   
    Love the colours
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    Elizajane got a reaction from AngelGoneMad in Road Trip Scarf   
    Really nice..like the colours
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    Elizajane got a reaction from Goose in Tired Tuesday   
    not sure if this will post as having a few problems today, but if it does you will see the poppy's floating off down the valley, it was a really magnificent sight, they stayed together until out of sight
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    Elizajane got a reaction from cupcakedaft in Printers   
    I'd just say research ink cartridge prices. .I use copy ones from internet...also one that takes individual colours. .I'm on my 3rd Cannon seem to get about 5 years before they start playing up..plus they are top or front feed..I have copy paper in front draw and feed cardboard in single sheet from rear...have used 300gsm.
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    Elizajane got a reaction from AngelGoneMad in it really is Thursday   
    Well things are moving re my craft group. .the guy I mentioned we call him mr village..his family have lived here for ever..he knows or is related to everyone. .want to know what happened in 1947 as him...he also does the organising at said church.and does loads for village activities .he is all for it..leave it to me..you just provide your time..so next committee meeting it's on the agenda..
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    Elizajane got a reaction from love2knit4meboys in Saturday. ..   
    Gosh weekend here again. .they come so quick. .my aunt ..it's another stroke leaving vascular dementia and vascular something else that is causing her leg problem...she never ailed a thing until her 85th birthday and was a very self centred person. ..she had what she called friends who I let know which home she was in and it's one near where they all live but not one has been to see her in 4 years. Says it all. Same with her family so it's all down to me...does get to me at times..but hey ho...at least they can now sort her medication.
    Thought I'd write before I take my new pill..which means I'm doing this on phone so a bit hard ...
    Frozen is a favorite. .my little granddaughter was running around the garden singing it..I must have looked a bit ?? Mummy said don't laugh your honoured she's singing an dancing for you..decided we won't enter her for Britains got Talent just yet...I'll have to see if I can find the fabric.
    Hope you all have a crafty weekend...I've pulled out fine cotton to crochet..it's easier for me just now than thicker..OH said "just leave crafting till you improve" just don't get it do they. .
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    Elizajane got a reaction from Aisles in Buying more crochet hooks   
    Same here...but as soon as I buy replacements the lost ones turn up ....a naughty pixie maybe. Think he lives here permanently and doesn't just hide crochet hooks....
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    Elizajane got a reaction from AlienwearKnits in Anyone else into amigurumi?   
    I made a few..no pattern I just sat hook in hand and see what evolves .I added key rings to some to sell at a fair. Others my granddaughter has in her farm....a weird panda was driving a tractor the other day.
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    Elizajane got a reaction from AngelGoneMad in Summerhouse Craft Room Help   
    A friend has a craft shed, she has heating but only uses in when she really has to, hers is well insulated, for storage ..she does a lot of textiles, again plastic tough boxes with well fitting lids, fabric and yarns are stored in the bags you take air out of using a vacuum , she says these bags seal so well damp never gets in, although guess they may not be as good for paper? Her sewing machines are there all year.
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    Elizajane reacted to love2knit4meboys in Swell Sunday   
    Good morning.
    Sun is beaming here already!! The boys and I are just having our breakfast. Will put the washing on and potter around cleaning.. I finished the right front of the cardigan last night so will start the left front today.
    Goose- that's great news
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    Elizajane got a reaction from love2knit4meboys in Happy Saturday   
    I'm saying happy Saturday but not happy a few moments ago when I tried to get on here and needed to sign on again and couldn't remember how,,, don't know why I was signed out, but here now.
    just packed bag to take to grandchildren, , 4 tops each, a little dribbler bib, a sticker book and a bag full of wooden blocks.... we are having a garden party, make the most of this nice weather.
    Last night I picked up the dreaded rainbow knit, saying I will finish if before I start anything else, so this morning I picked up the strange "was going to be an owl cushion but changed it to a cat", this morning I made it an owl as wasn't happy with the cat, I'll post a picture when it's finished, my theory was I'm not abandoning the rainbow as cushion was already a WIP.
    Just hung out 3 washer loads in my pyjamas, we are fairly private (I hope)..
    Tomorrow taking our daughter for a mini op, NHS day unit must now work weekends, makes sense as last time OH had a mini op it was NHS funded in a private hospital, very nice especially for me waiting, and instead of the NHS glass of water and one biscuit when he came to it was tea for 2 with sandwiches and cake.
    going to get my shower now, need to set off soon as it is an hours drive.
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    Elizajane reacted to Elizajane in hope it's a sunny Sunday   
    Must have hit post hard or twice..editing the spare ad can't seem to delete it..whoops
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    Elizajane reacted to Elizajane in Manic Monday   
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    Elizajane reacted to Goose in sunny Sunday   
    I'm back. DS and DH gone home but Sophie still here. At the moment she is lying on the bed with her granddad watching the football    Crafting will have to wait a while.
    K&F could you have lost weight since cutting the dress out , what a shame it doesn't fit.
    CN pincushion so cute shame to stick pins in it 
    Tracey enjoy using your machine
    OH dear what did everyone else say. Let me think....... Linda mention flowers on some fruit trees and her exercise bike  sugar my minds gone blank.
    Hope you are all having a good sunday
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    Elizajane reacted to knittingqueenuk in Odd Balls   
    It is really pretty Eliza I love the colours.
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    Elizajane reacted to Elizajane in Irish crochet jewllery   
    See how this craft has inspired me, just made this bag to organise the hooks and cottons before I pack them.

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    Elizajane got a reaction from wasslipu in New craft   
    A fun thing I have just done is free form crochet, used up lots of bits of wool, the more textured the better, made a great scarf, I just crocheted a shape and then did whatever I fancied hooking into a hole, was quite hard getting the scarf shape something like, used 5 different sizes of hooks but end result is useable. Now I want to try another unusual craft, any ideas?