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  1. CmdrVimes

    Cant find option to go back to mobile view...

    it wasnt going back for me until I removed some data using the privacy function on mobile firefox... see pic:
  2. CmdrVimes

    Cant find option to go back to mobile view...

    can you remove this. Fixed it
  3. I changed to full site view to be able to edit my profile, and now I cant get back to mobile view? I use my mobile most of the time, so I really need to be able to view the forum back in mobile format. I have tried deleting cache and website settings, but it still reverts to the full site when I come on the forum. is there something an admin can do to put ne back on mobile view? thanks x
  4. CmdrVimes

    eyelet tools and setters

    hey there, thank you for your replies. I have severe muscle weakness and sometimes cannot even lift my arms, never mind craft heheh. Si said he will buy the crop-a-dile big bite II for my birthday in January. :-)
  5. CmdrVimes

    eyelet tools and setters

    sorry it is crop-a-dile lol
  6. CmdrVimes

    eyelet tools and setters

    hey all, I would like an eyelet kit for Christmas from my better half, but I don't know which one to suggest to him. he's looked at a. few and he is bamboozled! I sent him a link to the woodware kit, but with me being disabled he doesn't think I will be able to push the tool through thick medium. He looked at the crocodile one, but there's a new and old version for sale with a significant price difference, he doesnt know which one I should get and neither do I? Any advice and suggestions and reviews on the different types available would be gratefully accepted. I look forward to your replies? Could do with some quickie answers though so that he has time to order the chosen one in time :-) thank you in advance, Beo x
  7. CmdrVimes

    PaperCrafter magazine (Let's Make Cards relaunch)

    Personally, I am gutted that LMC is turning into a "general" magazine, I thought that is what Crafts Beautiful was for. I loved the card kits, (apart from the odd crap ones, and the issue you changed the cardstock to cheap rubbish) and I am not remotely interested in papercfafting decorations etc! I will see what issue one is like, if I don't like it I will regretfully cancel my subscription. *sigh*
  8. CmdrVimes

    back... again! :)

    Hi all, I'm 37, a Mum of two, my Daughter is 14 this August and my Son is 11 this July. We live in a small village just outside Cannock with my Fiance and a few pets. (used to be a houseful, but we downsized) I joined this forum a while back now and completely forgot that I had joined until I wanted to check all about the new Papercrafting mag that is replacing my favourite mag of all time. (so gutted!) Anyway, craftwise I enjoy making cards, jewellery, knitting, crochet, occasional cross-stitch and occasionally sewing things! My favourite crafts at the moment are crochet, jewellery and cards, I think cards will always be a great passion of mine, because I have so many to make throughout the year for friends and family. I make the jewellery as gifts for close family and friends, I did start making for all my family but then I realised how darn ungrateful one whole group of my family can be, so I stopped making them gifts, and I concentrate on close family and friends now. I am learning to crochet, using Hatchett Partworks "THE ART OF CROCHET" issues, I get sent 4 issues every 4 weeks, they come with a ball of yarn each, to make the squares for the blanket. I learned to make a granny square the other day and I was really impressed with myself, considering I knew NOTHING about crochet a few months ago! I still have to learn the technique of making the clam shell type design, but I'm doing good with my treble, half treble and double crochet, and by following a pattern in lets get crafting (crochet hot water bottle) I have learned how to make "bobbles" in my work, I'm really chuffed! Anyway, that's enough for a re-intro I reckon. I look forward to chatting with you all and getting to know you all again. Kind regards Carol x
  9. CmdrVimes

    Question about Papercrafter Mag

    Hi all, Does anyone know if I will automatically receive the new papercrafting magazine as I have a current subscription to Let's Make Cards, or will I have to resubscribe to the Papercrafting magazine separately? I know this probably isn't the place to ask, but I'm really confused... Thanks
  10. CmdrVimes

    best place to start?....

    I am sorry for bumping such an old post, but I just wanted to update that I am on my way to learning all there is to know about crochet, I have a long long way to go though. I have subscribed to The Art Of Crochet, which sends me 4 issues every four weeks, with the yarn needed to create that issue's square for the throw, I have also received all the wonderful free gifts that come with it. I got stuck on working in the round, I didn't understand it, but after having watched the granny square tutorial video on this website, it has made the written instructions more clear, so if I get stuck again, I know to google what I am stuck on and watch the relevant videos, to ensure that I know what I am doing! :-) Wish me luck! :-)
  11. CmdrVimes

    Here again :)

    Hi all, I'm Carol, from Cannock. I love knitting, crocheting, jewellery making, card making, cross stitch, papercrafts, decoupage etc. I live with my two children, my Daughter will be 14 this year, and my Son 11. We live with my Fiance Si and a few pets. We have a dog, a cat, a marine aquarium setup, a chameleon, a tarantula, a snake and turtles (terrapins) in the pond outside. :-) We used to have many more pets, but we have recently downsized due to finances and not knowing what our future entails, because of this stupid Government that is currently tearing innocent people's lives to pieces. I would like to believe that I am a friendly person, my Nan always used to say there is not a selfish bone in my body. :-) When I am not crafting, I am a tinsy bit of a nerd on my laptop, currently playing with Xubuntu which I dual boot into, so that my Son can still play his microsoft dominant games. (I tried an emulator, but it didn't work in the way I had hoped, giving me abysmal and unplayable graphics) I also enjoy playing on my mobile phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy S3, I either play time management games, or role playing games, I also enjoy hidden object games but I mostly save them for my tablet which obviously boasts a bigger screen. :-) I also like to socialise on facebook, twitter (occasionally) and Google+ (again, occasionally) I think I have waffled on enough now! ;-) I look forward to getting to know you all! Carol x
  12. CmdrVimes

    best place to start?....

    I have always wanted to learn how to crochet. I've never gotten round to learning... Can one or more of you wonderful people suggest where to start? I cannot learn from tutorial videos, as I am unable to correctly process oral information. I have subscribed to the Let's Get Crafting magazine, in hopes of learning from there, will it teach me from the start, or does it concentrate more on improving existing basic skills? Got to wait for magazine anyway as I do not possess a crochet hook!
  13. Wow! Some gorgeous makes there! :-)
  14. CmdrVimes

    Let's Make Cards Kit 51 challenge!

    I don't think I could possibly top either of those! (Plus there's the fact I've already put the kit away in it's separate places, so I wouldn't know which bits were, and were not, kit!
  15. CmdrVimes

    Back again :-)

    Hi there, I registered here in 2010, but I totally forgot about it, until I logged in to the crafts beautiful site to sort out my details and to find a phone number to subscribe to the Making Jewellery magazine! *blush* I'm Carol, I live in Cannock, Staffordshire with my Fiance Simon and my two children, Bronny and Euan, Bronny was born in '99 and Euan was born in '02. I first registered on this site because I started making cards in August 2010. This year, I decided to have a go at jewellery making too, so I bought myself some kit, and made a few items. The initial feedback on my items was really good and encouraging, so I bought even more kit, and decided that I would make jewellery for friends and family, to save the stress and expense of trying to find something else for them on special occasions! :-) I still make my cards for friends and family special occasions too! I am severely disabled, which means I live in my bedroom 24/7 and only leave the house for medical appointments, so I needed something to do, to occupy my time, other than card making, my android phone, (which I am still highly addicted to!) and going on my laptop to visit the many forums that I go on, and to play "Words With Friends" on Facebook! Obviously these options are for a good day, on a bad day, I usually just sleep, or lie down and mess with my phone... We have a heck of a lot of pets too! I won't list them here, as it's not a pet forum, but if you are interested in which pets we have, I will list them all for you! ;-) I've rejoined to get advice and ideas on jewellery making really, as I need some advice on what on earth I can make for males that aren't necklaces or bracelets, because they can only have so many keyrings! heheh I look forward to "meeting" you all. Best wishes Carol x