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  1. Knit'n'stitchSue

    introduction and knitting question.

    Sorry, Denise, think you have this the wrong way round. Check out this page at UKHKA
  2. Knit'n'stitchSue

    Help! Abbreviation confusion.

    This sounds like what we now call 'knit 1 below' You can see how to do this on YouTube
  3. Knit'n'stitchSue

    Discontinued Yarn SOS

    Have you checked the yarn stashes on Ravelry?
  4. Knit'n'stitchSue

    Member Profiles?

    I think it's the number of times people have clicked the little red heart 'Like this' to the right of a post
  5. Knit'n'stitchSue

    Help with crochet pattern

    The instructions in brackets mean (1dc in each of next 3 sts, then 2dc in next st) effectively increasing 1st every 4th st. Repeat the instructions in the brackets all along the row/round
  6. Knit'n'stitchSue

    Bargain of the Day

    Occasionally, the Original Factory Shop has some good deals on yarn. I picked up these a couple of days ago - Hobby Knit Wave - 90% cotton, should have been £2/100g - £1. Great for wash cloths, dish cloths, dusters, etc Hobby Knit Tula frilly scarf yarn - again, should have been £2/100g - £1. I'm making the scarves slightly narrower and trimming the wrists of fingerless mitts to make sets for the Christmas Fair. And the Lisa skinny scarf kit is Grundl yarn, so nice to work with, I'm using it with a black 4 ply I have in my stash to make a Stained Glass Hat (that's been on my to-do list for ever!) - £3/2 x 50g
  7. Knit'n'stitchSue

    Cashmere yield.

    Just had a look on Ravelry, and a very rough guesstimate is about 2000 yards
  8. Knit'n'stitchSue

    Kate Davies' Owl Sweater

    I've bought packs of buttons from The Works that have included very small buttons
  9. Knit'n'stitchSue

    Darning Needle?

    .... and if you only have sharp needles available, turn the needle around and use the eye-end to sew your seams!
  10. Knit'n'stitchSue

    Looking for a Christmas jumper pattern

    Following Denise's suggestion of using a plain jumper pattern, you could create your own 'Christmas design' by using the KnitPro software (it's free)
  11. Knit'n'stitchSue

    Rag Rug

    You can get a self-healing cutting mat, a rotary cutter and a steel rule at Amazon, all for less than £10 delivered. It would be much easier on your hands than cutting with scissors!
  12. Knit'n'stitchSue

    overlocker spool attachment

    Is this what you're looking for - 23321 Cone thread holder ?
  13. Knit'n'stitchSue

    overlocker spool attachment

    You don't mean this one, do you? Or was it an attachment for the sewing machine?
  14. Knit'n'stitchSue

    a few preserves

    I don't have a garden but friends have been passing on their surplus this year so I have made blackcurrant jam (reduced sugar), spicy tomato & red onion relish and beetroot relish. It's worth the extra effort to have just the taste you want
  15. Knit'n'stitchSue

    Caterpillar draught excluder

    My eldest daughter asked me to make a draught excluder in the shape of a caterpillar for when her 5 month old son is playing on his mat ..... and I came up with this, using recycled curtain fabric and denim.