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  1. Hi, I got issue 52 this morning, and I couldn't help noticing on page 7,in the "Question Time" box the topic 'Knitting or crocheting sample pieces' appears twice in the calculations. (I know this is trivial, but, the proof-reading goblin that resides within me just won't let it lie! ) ------PS:- Oliver Fox will definitely be on the needles soon!
  2. Skintknitter

    Missing pattern booklet.

    Yay,Thank you ! :cheese:
  3. Skintknitter

    Missing pattern booklet.

    Thankyou! :-)
  4. Skintknitter

    Missing pattern booklet.

    Hi Let's Knit, I received the May 2013 issue this morning, but, the pattern booklet that accompanies the Sidney Owl Kit is missing!, Do you know who I should contact to rectify this please? Thanks.
  5. This might be nit-picking slightly,but I feel I should point out that the yarn referred to as "White" from rows 54 to 72 should be called "Cream".
  6. Skintknitter

    Issue 47

    I've just come back from the shop with the latest LGC,I'm loving the bright yarn colours,I don't know which project to have a go at first!, hmmm...maybe a brew and a slice of battenburg will help.... :cheese:
  7. Skintknitter

    LK61 December - favourite makes?

    My swim through my stash bucket hasn't yielded anything suitable for Exhale but,it did uncover some other interesting finds; 2 50g balls of Teddy Amorillo (shade1) 1 250g ball King Cole Bounty Double Knit (shade 13 Lilac) 10 50g balls Sirdar Tuscanny (shade 0661 Jasper) 10 50g balls Sirdar Fizz (shade0798 Sapphire) 10 50g balls Sirdar Fizz (shade 0791 Graphite) 3 25g balls Emu Filigree (shade 2208 Lilac) 3 and a half 50g balls Melandra Mohair Blend (shade 01002? Off-White) 8 50g? balls of a dark jade-ish green and black wool,it looks like 4-ply I wonder what I could knit with that lot? :wow: I also found a bag of random UFO's which included a small headless bear and a legless donkey! I need a cup of tea now,and a sandwich,I wonder if there's some cheese?........
  8. Skintknitter

    Issue 45 Chunky Mitts

    Thanks for the tips!,I'm entering my stash bucket now.... :-)
  9. Skintknitter

    LK61 December - favourite makes?

    The one I'm lusting after is the katerina cardigan coat,it would be a perfect replacement for my house cardi that bit the dust earlier this year,but I can't afford the wool(I need the largest size,and the total cost works out at around £90!) My second favourite is the Exhale beanie,I'm searching my stash to see if there's anything I can use instead of buying it as you don't need much wool(if not then the alternative wool in the mag is within my skinny budget!) Have you any suggestions on what else I could knit with the free wool?,It's just that I don't wear ear muffs and the neck warmer won't fit me.
  10. Skintknitter

    Issue 45 Chunky Mitts

    Having now developed a bit of a complex about my sasquatch-esque paws,I decided to measure them,my wrists are 8 inches around,the widest part of my hand,the bottom of my palm(measured from just below the base of my thumb around) is just under 10 inches,the upper part of my palm (measured between my thumb and base of my fingers around) is 8 inches,the length of my palm from the top of my middle finger to the bottom of my palm is 7 inches,my fingers and thumbs are 3 inches around,the length of my index finger is 2 and a half inches as is my ring finger,my middle finger is 3 inches long and my pinkie and thumbs are both just over 2 inches long.Given these measurements,I'm curious to know what the "Average Lady's" are,and,How far outside them am I?
  11. Skintknitter

    Issue 45 Chunky Mitts

    Yes,the 10mm needles and the orange and white yarns stated in the pattern,I must just have massive hands! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I really must have man-hands,I knitted the collette mitts with the free wool from Lets Knit and they are too small aswell! Waaahh! :down:
  12. Hi,I'm very disappointed with this pattern,I knitted the first mitt and it was tiny!,it looked like a child's mitten,It wasn't going to fit me,so I've pulled it all back,Bah!. >:-(
  13. Thankyou for the pattern corrections,I thought I was going daft!,I can now start them again! (I pulled them back in frustration twice)