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    Sew Saturday - and knitty too!

    Morning all, Firstly my appolgy for not being around i felt like i was in a rut and spouting the same old yarn over n over again, So i thought a break away and a change in what i was doing would get me out of it and i feel like now its a brand new year i can start again a whole new fresh start fingers crossed, I dont want to be going on about my pain and problems and also how my hme is upside down ooooppps i just have sorry, I want to be able to pop on each day and get away from all that and be there for all of you like you all have for me for 2 years now. So thank you i couldnt have done it without you all your all fab friends xxxx I hope you all had a fantastic xmas and new year and got spoilt from santa he was very kind to me and got me some lovely pressie's. Anyway today im going to be battling my way through a throw ive been making for charity that i was half way through then decided i didnt like the colours id put in half way down so i frogged it, Ive now decided im going to send it to them as a bed runner instead, and start another one. Jade also wants another jumper as i managed to knit her a cable jumper my first and she loves it but wants a longer one as this one is a box style. Im on my own for a couple of hours so going to catch up on some sleep while the noise brigade are out with daddy. so ill pop back online and catch up have a lovely day xxxx K&F hope you find your invisible zip hun, have a lovely day in town xxxx
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    QUESTION OF THE MONTH - Do you like to crochet?

    Happy new year ev1 hope you all had an amazing christmas and got lots of goodies from santa... I dont know what id do without crochet now, i used to do papercrafts but had to stop as i was always stuck on my bed, so in 2010 i decided to give crochet a try i didnt even know what it was and i havent stopped since it helps with my pain and i can do it even when im not ablt to move unlike knitting as it hurts when i try and knit like that. crochet is my favourite but i couldnt live without my knitting either. also when your pushed for time you can crochet up a gift much faster than knitting well i can anyway. all the best everyone xxxx
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    Aching all over monday

    Hi girlies just popping in to say hi, I've finally managed to get on using my iPod im squinting abit though as its so small. The lift company are here so I'm keeping my fingers crossed they'll be finished today but they've said it maybe tommorrow really can't wait, I'll catch up with you all thursday live back to normal, dreaded dentist today but I'm gonna stop by me mam n dads so I'm looking forward to that. Have a lovely day xxxxxx
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    Finally Friday

    hi all, just thought id pop in and say Hi, Hope your all doing great and had a fab summer holiday. building work has now all been finished 6 weeks late but its done and hip hip horay my lift will be installed monday while im at the dreaded dentist soooooo excited i really cant wait so ill be able to get my house sorted, weve had to remove all the carpets due to damage from the building work so weve got no flooring so it feels like weve just moved in and got nothing yet, we will get there in the end im sure. Anyway ive got visitors coming so ive got to go but take care and im sorry i keep disapearing marie xxx
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    Hi looby, Goose has just pm'd me to let me know your asking, To be honest with you i had no idea my pic was in the magazine so thats nice to know the only pattern i have done for a tea cosy is for the Gumdrop one that was with some yarn in lets knit magazine issue 45 august last year. my tea cosy I have the pattern here i can send to you just pm your address and ill post it as soon as i can. you get two patterns i did mine different than it says by doing only two rows of bobbles and none on the other side. Thanks ladies for helping and i hope you enjoy the patterns we look forward to seein you finished tea cosy pics marie xx
  6. I love knitting in the evenings as the kids are fast asleep hubby is playing his laptop games so i can concentrate...I get put off so easily when knitting so i like to do it when im on my own too, I love crocheting at any time of the day but usually i end up doing both through the night till around 3am ish its so relaxing when i cant sleep. Its heaven xx
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    Too good to last

    afternoon ladie's Just popping in to say hi as ive got so much to do, Im making jade a long cardigan ive finished the back panel and nearly finished the oeft side panel then needs blocking, Ive also got a few baby hats to make for a customer of my MIL's shop as they cant crochet. Im also making James a football blanket/sleeping bag and myself a Lucy bag to get rid of all the Art of knitting/Art of crochet yarns aswell as tryin to pack up even more things as weve got asbestos in our bedroom flooring and it all has to be removed so the builders can fit the lift which was meant to be fitted tomorrow and now its not until 13th. Weve also got the other builders back tomorrow as they moved the lounge door over and where theyve plastered the wall its all bumpy and looks awful so they need to redo it, They also managed to gloss a door and miss a whole panel {i dont know how they could miss it when its eye level to them} So im going to be busy busy nightmare Hope you all enjoy your day Denise enjoy the olympics hunni hope the rain stays away. xx Dana hope you feel better soon enjoy your rest and knitting xx chat later xx
  8. Hi Everyone its great to be back ive really missed you all, Im struggling atm but really wanted to pop on and say hi to you all ive been using my ipod for other things but cant get on the forum on it so couldnt get on sooner Well while ive been poorly ive been in contact with knit for newlife charity and so ive been making items for them to sell to raise funds for disabled children i may have already mentioned it before i really cant remember if i have sorry for repeating myself. So ive been struggling through it and was even just doing a few stitches at a time just to get it done but i finally managed to finish the first parcel and theyve now recieved it and sent me a ovely email saying they loved them i was so pleased as ive never done anything like that before so didnt know where to start and i didnt want to just make the same old things so ive started with girls baby clothes and accesories and the second parcel will be boys baby clothes and accesories, Then unless they ask for more of either of them ill move upto older kids and more hats and things in time for winter. I was so releived when they said they really loved them and i just hope they can get as much money for them as they can. Hope you like them xxx
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    Knit for Newlife charity makes

    Thanks denise, Im not sure how to go about doing some for the hospitals as last i heard was that they didnt accept thing anymore, Do i just contact the hospital or do i go through a charity? Its so lovely of you all to make things for the babies and parents too its so sad for them my heart goes out to everyone who has to go through such a sad loss. xxx
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    Congrats Mt Hunni enjoy your goodies hunni xxxx
  12. Twinkle27

    Mixed media challenge entry

    Theyve worked great, A great idea ive been using LGC yarns for the peg bag and the clock and the flowers and butterflies i just love using the yarns i think theyre more between a dk and a aran weight. I love the colours youve used together xx
  13. Twinkle27

    Knit for Newlife charity makes

    Thanks Mt hunni, Its so nice to finally have something to work for if that makes sense as ive not been able to work since 2000, its nice to make things for a fantastic cause. xxx
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    Swimming Saturday

    hi hunni, Its great to be back i miss you all im trying to catch up with everyones FO's everyone has made some beautiful things theyre gorgeous, Yeah i have seen MT's pot covers theyre gorgeous, Id love to make them but a bit worried theyll look awful as ive only ever done one thing with fairisle and that was a blanlet square with rows of love hearts and that was last year, Theyre really lovely though so might have a go to match the peg bag. Its sunny here but not as hot as it has been thankfully the heat has been making my face swell up really bad so got the doctor coming out monday to start tests and fingers crossed she will help me get of the pregabalin as theyve made me gain weight so fast its causing problems and also going to chat about having weight loss surgery fingers crossed. Hows your day going i hope your enjoying the weekend its great to have nice weather finally. xxx
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    Mt Theyre gorgeous hun xx
  16. Twinkle27


    suzie thats beautiful hunni very pretty xxx
  17. Twinkle27

    Knitting makes

    Lovely work very pretty
  18. Twinkle27

    Super chunky cable cushion

    awww thats so gorgeous i love it, makes me think of snuggling in front of a log fire xxx
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    Mixed media challenge entry

    Denise thats fantastic well done i love Lucy's blog all her patterns are so fun i love your colours xx
  20. Twinkle27

    Chenille and super chunky cushion cover

    looks so cosy annie fantastic x
  21. Twinkle27

    Issue 41 'Alice' bands

    How cute great work x
  22. Twinkle27

    Kindle Case

    great work becci hunni your really coming along now well done xx
  23. Twinkle27

    Cupcake pin cushion

    lovely annie looks good enough to eat xx
  24. Twinkle27

    Taryn , mixed media bag

    thats so gorgeous well done
  25. Twinkle27

    Tote Bag

    lovely bag i made one too arent the colours just so refreshing yours looks fantastic,