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  1. sparkle263

    Birthday Card for DH

    lovely card.
  2. sparkle263

    Two words game

    offer ended
  3. Gorgeous entries so far. I think I will have to have a look and see if 'ive got anything suitable
  4. sparkle263

    help twins images needed

    love the monkeys. can we just save them to our computer and print them off?
  5. sparkle263

    Two words game

    entrance hall
  6. sparkle263

    Baby Girl

    That is gorgeous. I love how you match up the all the different layers. Very girly and pink.
  7. sparkle263

    Card for my niece first Birthday

    very cute.
  8. sparkle263

    Ivory Cat

    great card. I love seeing cats.
  9. sparkle263

    3 cards using stamped images

    I think they are great. I love the first one the most as I love the colours.
  10. sparkle263

    commission wedding card

    That is gorgeous. :-)
  11. sparkle263

    Magical Wishes

    beautiful as always. :-)
  12. sparkle263

    Butterfly ATC

    Thats gorgeous. I just showed it to my mum and it got a ooooh from her also.
  13. sparkle263

    What date

    Thanks its just feeling like ages since the last one. lol
  14. sparkle263

    First go with pro-markers

    They are stunning. You look like you have been using them for ages. Ive just ordered my first set but think it will be awhile before I can post images. lol What was the site you got your info from please?
  15. sparkle263

    more simple makes

    simple and elegant. I love them especially the yellow rose one that is lovely.
  16. sparkle263

    anniversary card

    Its very pretty, im sure that will end up in the wedding memories box for keeps. The scanner line is hardly noticable, im having a similar problem with my camera as it looks like I have a thumb print on my cards yet the lense and cards are clean.
  17. sparkle263


    here are a few pics. The box has removable slots for the bigger items which i have found useful.
  18. sparkle263

    great little bargain box

    We have both a superstore tesco and a superstore asda directly across the road from each other. :-/
  19. sparkle263


    Also is it just birthday cards etc you do as if you do wedding invites you could ask bridal shops and photographers to have a few samples in store along with your contact details
  20. sparkle263


    Have you tried places like hairdressers and beauty salons i.e nail places. Normally people who go in them places have a few spare pounds. A lot of them sell cards around here and im hoping when I get good enough some will sell mine for me. Also the small independent post offices may. My local one sells handmade cards and jewellery and even the bits and pieces to make your own. Hope you find somewhere soon. x
  21. sparkle263

    My Fathers Day Card

    That is a lovely card. The colours are lovely and you are much better than me at cutting out the fiddly shapes. Well done. I have still got to make mine for my dad (hoping my flippin men stuff arrives in time) and Ollie made his own for his daddy
  22. sparkle263

    Cards From My DD

    hey are fab cards, she is very talented. Its nice to see another mini crafter as my son loves doing cards also. :-) Tell her to keep up the fab work. x
  23. sparkle263

    can anyone enlighten me?

    I have no idea whait is but if yu used it as a templat and cut out something mould-able it could be two petals of a flower. :-/ sorry im no help
  24. sparkle263

    great little bargain box

    bargain! I may have to pop into asda tomorrow.