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    Mixed Luck - Photos of Goodies added today June 25th

    Hope you figure it out soon if it does help though a couple of months ago I saw a prize draw in a mag for glitter/sparkle stuff worth around that. If I can find it I will let you know which one see if it helps.
  2. sparkle263

    Bird Song

    This is one of my favourites. I love that little bird it is too cute.
  3. sparkle263


    I love the glass topper you made.
  4. How about a tall DL card do half black and half white and add some bright green flowers down the middle. Sorry I still go very simple on most of mine. I did a girlyish green one last week which included pale green backing paper, grass green satin ribbon, darker green card stock and few crystals and a couple of toppers ( mine were ducks) as my sils favourite colour s green also.
  5. sparkle263

    Yet another card for wedding.... no.3

    Another fab card. They are going to be spoilt on their wedding day with all your makes. :-)
  6. sparkle263

    Order Arrived

    They are gorgeous goodies and like everyone else I just love those teapots. I am sure you will have lots of fun using them. Cannot wait to see what you make
  7. sparkle263

    my latest purchase how much do you think I payed?

    I was going to say about £15 as unfortunatley no-one thinks they are fashionable any more and so they do not want them. I think they are quirky and if I cold sew I would have one. They could easily make it look prettier. Also everyone just wants the digital ones with all the fancy knobs and whistles. Go and enjoy your new toy. :-)
  8. sparkle263

    Baptism invitation help

    Could you colour the inside of the peel offs black then remove the outline? sorry I do not have anything like that.
  9. Fab card thistle. I love the colours.
  10. sparkle263

    Two words game

    Station Master
  11. sparkle263

    wedding outfit

    Very nice, great fabrics for a summer wedding as well with it being all floaty. You will look fab. x
  12. add me please as ive voted.
  13. add me please as ive voted.
  14. sparkle263

    quick butterfly makes & wedding/engagement card

    really pretty.
  15. sparkle263

    Two words game

    Game Play
  16. sparkle263


    Ok so I am very very excited as my cuttlebug has just arrived. After reading what everyone had to say on here I decided on this machine over the others. It comes with the mini starter pack of 1 die and embosser which I cannot see me using much so quick query what folders and dies do you use alot. I am going to treat myself to a couple (in a week) but was wondering what do you use? Do not want to fall into the trap of buying something that I think is good but will unlikely use it for many cards. Also is it normal to feel like you are forcing the cuttlebug when using it? Thanks
  17. sparkle263


    Thanks for all your tips. I havent bought any yet as I treated myself to some promarkers instead. I have been eyeing up the nestabilities as I have seen then used a lot b people on here and I am not very good at cutting panels out for layering. Even a square seems to end up wonky. I think I will be getting the devine swirl and dots one as well as I do feel I could use them a lot and thinks they look nice. I also like the swirl one for me wedding invites when I get round to doing them (I do have ages to go though so no rush). I will look on ebay for he nesties I think once I am ready to buy them. I am having to keep off there though as I am getting addicted to buying all the different craft stuff and my bank balance and h2b is not amused. lol ;-P
  18. sparkle263

    Two words game

    Show Time
  19. sparkle263

    Present Fairy

    Yes I love the fairies. You can do so much with them and they work for all ages. I made a fairy card last night for my friends daughter. Though its not just the fairies of theirs I love most of their designs. Whenever I see their adverts in magazines im almost drooling. lol
  20. sparkle263

    Two words game

    talk crafts :-)
  21. sparkle263

    Present Fairy

    They do have some gorgeous stamps. I must say I have been eyeing up one or two of their sets recently.
  22. sparkle263

    Classy DIY wedding invite tips plz???

    With wedding invites quite often less is more. You have a fab colour scheme and one that is easy to follow through the whole day. I would be tempted to just have cream hammered cards with some red satin ribbon with a diamante buckle on it. If you are having bridesmaid who are wearing 50's style dresses you could match the fabric up with them and if the dresses or your dress is having a buckle at the waist get one in the same shape. Then just stamp and emboss WEDDING INVITATION on it. It would be not too time consuming, very economical and looks fab.
  23. sparkle263

    'Fun!' Scrapbook page layout

    Hiya, I only joined the forum about 1 or 2 months ago and have found it to be a great forum with very friendly and helpful members. You page is gorgeous. I have never done scrapbooking but think it looks fab.
  24. sparkle263

    Two words game

    shine bright
  25. sparkle263

    Good Luck Caroline

    Good luck with you operation. Is it for migraine type attacks as my friend had something similar done for that and she has been tonnes better ever since. Hope all goes well for you. x