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  1. jennybloggs

    half way through project have lost pattern!

    have been sent a copy of the pattern .. thanks so much xx
  2. jennybloggs

    The Dress, The Wedding!!

    Wow.. how beautifully it turned out.. a masterpiece! Glad you had a good day xxx
  3. jennybloggs

    half way through project have lost pattern!

    Thanks Hon. am still knitting just havent had as much browsing time.. I will return!!
  4. Hi all.. have been knitting Biarritz from an issue of lets knit back in April, and have ground to a halt as i now cant find this issue.. am tempted to blame my daughter as she is always losing my stuff (and is looking over my shoulder as i type another annoying habit!) help! How do I get another copy of the pattern, it would break my heart to rebuy the same mag twice! xx
  5. jennybloggs

    Fun Filled Friday!

    Morning all.. sorry haven't been on much at all over the summer.. Its been a bit of a nightmare to be honest. My OH's ex has been diagnosed with cancer, and is really not coping with the house and kids.. so we have decided that to support the kids he should live there and try to get some semblence of order in their lives. I support the decision, but its so HARD!!! I miss him obviously, fortunately no jealousy issues with the ex (they have been apart for ten years and believe me he would not have left his kids if he could have coped with living with her) but am starting to wonder how long this could go on for... have neglected my knitting, but am determined that with the kids back at school I must pull myself together.. and really I think I need to knit to keep my mind off things. Sorry for offloading, but I suspect you will all understand..xx
  6. jennybloggs

    wooshy WEDNESDAY

    Morning all.. busy day, dog at vets (bloody grass seed in ear!) meeting at 2 but 2 hours from home grrrr!
  7. jennybloggs

    I had the baby!

    Congratulations..I always say wine is good for you!
  8. jennybloggs

    Turbulent Tuesday ..........

    Hi everyone, a really muggy day here I have to say! Have been really lethargic the last couple of days, am blaming it on the weather! Sometimes though I think its being overweight.. its so tiring! havent even got much knitting dones, just browsing yarn and patterens! the lazy option lol! hope you are all well xxx
  9. jennybloggs

    Friday Posts

    the trouble with leaving buns out is not so much veg as foxes! have had a couple of gruesome tragedies in that dept!
  10. jennybloggs

    Friday Posts

    Hi all.. sorry dont know what happened yesterday.. evrytime I sat down to write something was distracted away from it. I have quickly scanned through the posts but am going blank on everything but two things.. dreamy.. your mum, just thinking maye she was just feeling a bitemotional around the anniversary.. you know how we can all go a bit weird.. we forget that evryone else is grieving too. She soundede like she may have been feeling a bit sorry for herself. (sorry thats re yesterdays post) suzie, hair falling out in dreams, am pretty sure thats supposed to be insecurity! xx
  11. jennybloggs

    Wistful Wednesday!

    Hi all.. just about made it while its still morning. Much better night last night (thank goodness) .. am resally peed off this morning though, have just received an email from school saying that the kennels that sophie was supposed to be doing work experience with next week(!) has pulled out today grrrrrr how bl**dy unfair! This lweaves her sitting in the library fro 2 weeks while everyone else is doing theirs! I wouldnt mind, she volunteers at the library so its not as if she would lr=earn anything new! Its SO unfair, she is such a hard worker and she was so looking forwrad to working with animals (she wants to be a vet) GRRR sorry folks am off loading on you! Have spent the morning ringing around lots of rescue contacts, but it is so late in the day to sort these things.. xxxwill csalm down and be back later have a good day xx
  12. jennybloggs

    Totally topping Tuesday (don't you know)!

    Morning all.. gloomy and overcast here today matches my mood following a bad sleep .. gosh! Feeling like I am repeating myself lol Hope you are all starting a good day xxx
  13. jennybloggs

    My First ever crocheted item and blanket

    Really impressive, well done
  14. jennybloggs


    Ooh I love that one x
  15. jennybloggs

    Cable Jacket

    lovely! Are we going to see it modelled? x