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  1. Hi people Can someone help me figure out why my febuary magazine hasnt arrived yet? I thought it would have came by now but im no sure where it is? Thanks, Kat ~
  2. Hey!!! I have subscribed sometime in March and my Magazine still havent arrived yet?? Even the mag after mine has already came out, I tried to email Emmo but apparently it says Emmo's inbox if full... Can someone help me?? Kat-L ~
  3. Hi, Can anyone help me since i still have't received any of my magazines?? I subscribed sometime in March or April but i know its been over a month already.... I have sent an email to Emmo but still have no details about the mags... Kat-L ~
  4. Hi, im having the same problem.... Its been more than a month since i did the subscriptions and i still havent receive my mag or my free gift?? What do i do now ?? :/ -'w'-