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  1. I have set up a facebook community page to chat with other crafters and share my card making and knitted projects https://www.facebook.com/CroftCraftsCardsKnitting
  2. rune

    Knitting and Crochet Chat

    I have set up a FB Community page to show and chat about knitting, crochet and card making Ive got links on there to pages that offer free knitting and crochet patterns too Be lovely to see folks come share their creations and chat https://www.facebook.com/CroftCraftsCardsKnitting
  3. rune

    Show us Your Makes!

    Thanks for your kind comments (hugs)
  4. rune

    Latest make?

    Thank you
  5. rune

    Show us Your Makes!

    I recently finished a chunky cardi
  6. rune

    Latest make?

    Im still working on festive cards, though I think Im getting to the last of them now
  7. rune

    2013 Trends?

    I think its going to be patterns and lace expecially with all the unusual cutting dies that are around
  8. rune

    Freebie Toppers for Crafters

    My pleasure I tend to find my cards and knitting get more hits, but there may be a few crafters out there that may find the toppers usefull
  9. rune

    Embossing - Ideas

    Thanks ladies for posting and also so nice to see a card Giving me some ideas on how I can use mine more
  10. Im wondering if its the small detail in the pattern. Which one do you have clare
  11. I offer a few free toppers on my blog - as a thank you for those that come and visit my blog and for the kind comments so many leave for me http://croftcrafts.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Free Art There are few different themes, so hope folks find them usefull
  12. I thought I would try one of the double side embossing folders, by spellbinder. Love the patterns available However, I can only get one side to work properly. So not sure its been good value to be honest I did make this card with the side I can get to work http://croftcrafts.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/winter-lady-christmas-card.html Has anyone else got these folders and how do you find them
  13. rune

    Embossing - Ideas

    I have a few embossing folders and do love the patterns. But tend to get a bit stuck with idea to use them. Been boring most of the time and just using them to decorate the first layer behind my topper What do others do
  14. rune

    Your Favourite Floral Die

    Thank you for your kind comments. Ive seen such lovely cards using dies, just didnt think mine were as good