Shopping Category

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  • Best TV Shopping Channel
  • Best UK Crafts Chain Store
  • Best International Brand for Crafts
  • Best for Quality
  • Best for Customer Service
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Products Category

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  • Best New Product 2018
  • Best Die-Cutting Range
  • Best Craft/Gadget Machine 2018
  • Best Rubber Stamping Range
  • Favourite Papercraft Range
  • Best Art Range
  • Best Sewing/ Haberdashery Range
  • Best Knitting/Crochet Range
  • Best Sewing Machine Brand
  • Best Craft Storage and Organisation
  • Best Craft Book
  • Best Activity Project Book
  • Best Pen & Lettering
  • Best Jewellery Range
  • Best Baking Range
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Online Category

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  • Best Crafts Website
  • Best Craft Blog
  • Favourite Social Media Influencer
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Miscellaneous Category

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  • Best Overall Designer
  • Favourite Craft Celeb
  • Best UK Craft Show
  • Best Courses/Workshops
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Best local independent stores

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  • Scotland
  • North of England
  • Wales
  • Ireland
  • Midlands
  • South West England
  • South East of England
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