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Combine two popular techniques to create a dazzling bouquet

What you need...
  • Paper, orange
  • Card: green, orange, white
  • Quilling papers: 3mm wide, oranges, white; 10mm wide, green, oranges, white
  • Ribbon
  • Polystyrene ball, 10cm diameter
  • Tissue paper
  • Quilling tool
  • Mini metal bucket and pop stick
  • Adhesives
  1. Fringed Flowers -
    1 Place orange paper, 2cm x 29cm, onto scrap paper to avoid any stains. Colour one long edge of the paper with orange pen, 5mm from the edge.

    2 Cut the strip of paper every 1mm, leaving an uncut margin. Glue a 20cm length of white 3mm wide paper to the uncut margin at one end of the orange.

    3 Coil the white narrow paper all the way to the end of the orange paper. Remove the tool and glue the end of the paper, keeping the coil tight. Spread the fringe out.

    4 Print or write 'Just a note' onto green card and attach to a white blank. Make two more orange flowers in different sizes and glue to the card. CB

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