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Keep well and truly organised with this stylish set from Duck Tape

What you need...
  1. Tidy Bowls - 1 Cut three sheets of card, 13.5cm square, 16cm square and 21cm square. Cover both sides of each with patterned Duck Tape, overlapping slightly and trimming to the edges of the card. Ensure the tape runs vertically on one side and horizontally on the other.

    2 Score parallel to the edges of the square, 3.5cm in for the small bowl, 4cm for the medium and 5cm for the larger. Cut from the corners to Looking to revamp your office stationery at a fraction of the price it would cost to buy new? Using Duck Tape, you can do just that! Corinne Bradd has taken plain supplies and turned them into Pinterest-worthy makes that will hold pride of place on your desk. There are so many different Duck Tape designs to pick from, but we’ve gone with geometric tiles and beautiful florals for a striking display. the intersection of the score lines, then crease along the score lines.

    3 Overlap the cut corners to create the sides of the box and hold in place with a peg. Use a craft knife or small hole punch to pierce through the overlapping layers and secure the sides in place with paper fasteners.

  2. Pen Pot - 1 Take a sheet of black Duck Tape and lay floral tape over the top to create several full motifs. Press down the overlapping pieces well and avoid air bubbles.

    2 With the backing paper still on the sheet, use sharp scissors to cut the motifs out, leaving a slim border all around. Peel away the backing and mount the motifs to a plain ceramic pot.

  3. Stacking Trays - 1 Separate the trays from their posts. Unroll 30cm of plain blue tape and begin fixing it around the inside of the tray's side, keeping it an even distance from the edge for a neat border.

    2 Unroll more tape as you work and smooth down, pushing it into the internal corners. Trim the ends of the tape to leave the same border as before.

    3 Apply tape to the outside of the tray in the same way, taking care to wrap it around the post fixings at the side rather than stretch it over the top. Cut the ends at an angle when complete. Restack the decorated trays to finish.

  4. Document Wallets - Have some Duck Tape leftover? Turn your scraps into pretty document wallets to store all your loose papers. Do this by peeling apart the folder and opening out flat. Fix lengths across, overlapping. Trim the sides neatly after every three or four strips. Refold the wallet into shape, remembering to include the concertina folds.

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