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Celebrate baby's first Christmas with this adorable set of china

What you need...
  • Child's bowl, plate, ceramic, white
  • Paint, ceramic, fuchsia, ivory, malachite, citron, parma, turquoise, pewter, porcelaine 150
  • Paintbrushes, round, 00, 01
  1. Bowl and Plate - Transfer the main image of the soft toy onto your item. Decide what the main shade of the character will be and paint this first. Keep the colour quite thin, like a wash; another light coat can be applied if necessary. Fill in the face as one area, then go over the nose immediately, directing the brush strokes vertically; this defines the features without a colour change.

    Position the holly leaves (if using) as shown, and paint in bright tones. Add the dots randomly for the background pattern in washy mixes of green, lilac, pink, yellow and turquoise. If the colour wont take to the ceramic, you have diluted it too much. Use a brush to work each circle up to the correct size, then dab gently with a clean piece of tissue to remove excess and create a distressed effect.

    Add a darker pink key line to the toy image, using fuchsia without making it too watery. Apply white spots, evenly spaced, all over the image, but don't do too many. Paint a small dot in the middle of each of the background circles, in the same colours. Add white for the toy's eyes and when dry, apply pewter for the pupils. Leave the ceramics to dry for 24 hours, then bake in the oven following the paint manufacturer’s instructions. - Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paints, ceramic items

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